Escape into your BLISS!!

We can live a very successful life and still be unsatisfied and unhappy or we can live moments doing things we love, then no matter even if our life isn’t long enough, we can still feel grateful. Life is suffering; but in the midst of this suffering if we have something that can make us feel better, we can at least keep moving further. That something could be any art. But you need to have a divine connect with it. What I mean by having a divine connect is that the very act of doing it should itself give you so much satisfaction and happiness that you don’t need anything else to feel fulfilled. Even if it doesn’t earn you money, it absolutely doesn’t matter. It could be an act as menial as cleaning and still it would be fine.

I am no Master SHIFU to teach you how to get INNER PEACE. I am here just to share my experiences that have taught me how to keep moving ahead, no matter how bad your circumstances may be. I consider myself lucky to find that something that keeps my mind in peace; something that makes me feel safe because I would still have something even after having lost everything; something that channels my HULK like rage without harming anyone during times when I have felt cheated, manipulated and dejected; something that makes me want to still see the better side in everyone; something that makes me want to forgive and give people another chance and moreover something that’s makes me ESCAPE the negativity in this world and feel so content that I would like to keep giving; and make this world a better place to live in. That’s why I like to call myself an ESCAPE ARTIST.

It may take you a lifetime to find what you love or if you are lucky like me, you may find it even quicker. You will need to keep searching for it. You will need to keep introspecting within yourself. You may need to visit your childhood days to find what you really enjoyed doing. For me it’s Capoeira that’s my elixir that brings life to my day. For those who are unaware about Capoeira, it’s a martial art that has its origins in Brazil. But how did I realize that this was exactly what I was searching for?? Since Childhood, I had always been a very studious and academic oriented kid. I was so focused on making a career that nothing else mattered. I did well with my academics; became a Chartered Accountant and landed a job in a multinational company. But even after having everything in place, I could sense a feeling of incompleteness. That something was not right. That I was not doing enough. That this path was not the one. The beauty of life is such that in moments like these when you realize that you are not on your destined path, things begin to happen for you.

After a few months I had seen a video on Facebook about capoeira. I was so amazed by it that I began researching about it; Only to realize that it happens around the same locality I lived in. I was so thrilled and excited about the whole idea. It did bother me for a while if I should really venture into it, because it could also turn out to be dangerous for me. I am a diabetic and Capoeira happens to be one of the most deadliest forms of martial arts that involves a lot of acrobats, handstands, bridges and so on. If I do not exercise caution, I could hurt myself and because diabetics do not recuperate quickly, I could be in a big problem. But because I was convinced from my heart, I didn’t want to overthink on it and got myself registered.

Right now it has been almost a year and 4 months. I got my second Cordao (belt) very recently. Very much in love with life. I may be many things but I love calling myself as a CAPOEIRISTA!! Practicing few hours a day has become my purpose to live. I don’t expect myself to be the best Capoeirista in the world because I enjoy only just playing it. Sometimes it puts a huge toll on my body. But it doesn’t dull my spirit. And because I have found something better, I urge everyone reading this to start your journey to discover your bliss and then escape into it!

So keep searching for what you love and remain in love with it!!

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I live to witness stories. But I also live to tell them to you!

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