Stubbornly in love with u!!

They Kissed!! The groom had overcome every obstacle thrown by the audiences gathered around them, which apparently formed part of a very notorious ceremony in every Christian wedding. The couple had waited for long and the audiences stood no chance from stopping them from giving a perfect culmination to the most awaited event of their lives.

Everyone gathered were a witness to an evening that had some great music, dance, performances, lip smacking cuisine and great decor. “Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, life gives you a fairy tale.”  And this was one of the most significant chapter in the story of their life. A chapter they had dreamed about ever since they fell in love. Not only dreamed, but also discussed about it a million times; sometimes even fought over their choices; it could have been the decor or venue or theme or a million other things. And here they were pronounced as man and wife, having struck an item from their bucket list.

The bride happens to be a very good friend of mine. Having worked with her for a couple of years and having shared every tiny secret, joy & sorrow; we shared a great bond. And so my happiness knew no bounds when she broke the news of her wedding to me. What makes me even more happy is that she was getting married to her knight in shining armor with whom she was in a relationship for half a decade. She would always tell me that she would love to marry this sailor. Anyone who knew this girl could sense that she was already been struck by the cupid. And since we know that its not everyone’s cup of tea to take your love story successfully towards one of the greatest milestone of its journey i.e. WEDDING; it fills my heart with gratitude for having witnessed this relationship survive every storm on its way and for having witnessed the joy in their eyes while committing to grow old together till death did them apart and even beyond.

Like Alex Hitchens says, “Basic principles(for being in a relationship). There are NONE!!” All of this only teaches me one thing that a successful relationship only requires two people to be stubborn beyond reason – to be with each other no matter what.

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I live to witness stories. But I also live to tell them to you!

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