A Tryst with the runner in me!!

I took a look at the time. It showed 17’25”. I was on my last lap towards completing my targeted 3K run. The sun showed no mercy in proving to be my greatest nemesis. My legs were screaming in agonizing pain. The heart pounded loud enough to mute the surrounding cacophony.

While every part of me started giving up, the success of this challenge depended solely on my mind. It kept reminding me of how important this run was. That my attempt to run a 10K in June required me to not quit. And since I was almost nearing towards my finishing point, it made no sense to give up. My mind created an illusion around me that this was not a drill, but I was actually running the 10K i dreamed of completing this year. That I was surrounded by spectators on the sides and was running in the midst of many other participants like me who woke up this morning only with one intention i.e. to complete the 10K.

And thanks to the law on energy that worked in my favor, I began to feel a surge in my energy levels. My spirit replenished and my feet began pounding the ground hard enough to gain momentum. I regained a level of consciousness that turned my whole being into one force that was created for a single purpose. And I ran, not thinking about anything but just knowing that neither the sun nor the distance was gonna stop me from completing my run and reclaiming my dreams that even I CAN RUN!

I checked my time and pressed the stop button. It was 19’00”. Makes me wonder that all the vertigo I had gone through happened in a span of 1’35”, though it felt like a lifetime. Quite an INTERSTELLAR episode!! Come to think of it, as punishing as it may sound, I feel it was quite an experience. There is a saying, “You know you are on the right path the moment you come upon it because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you ll ever need.” And so is my case. After having completed that run, nothing else came in my mind but just that I needed to better my timings and build an endurance to be able to run even more. After all its an endurance sport!!

Published by theescapeartist

I live to witness stories. But I also live to tell them to you!

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