You just earned yourself a dance with the devil boy (El Niño)!!

All hail the Almighty and burning ball of helium,
Who seems to have blown its regulator on Cool, Hot and Medium!

You have been throwing unbearable heat waves like the tantrums of a teenager;
Have you forgotten your sole purpose of being a life giver!

Your heat waves have made the geysers rusty;
In a water scarce city like ours people are dying thirsty!

Afternoons seemed to have preponed and now begin at nine,
You finish your count and you say aloud, “Ready or not here I shine!!”

People here will still continue their task coz its a busy Metropolis;
Even if you still thought of making this city another Heliopolis!

Never have we prayed harder to Zeus, the God of Rain;
After all our requests to you seems to have gone in vain!

We can’t really blame you entirely;
Coz we have treated Mother Nature with cruelty!

Afforestation and rain harvesting is the need of the hour;
We better get our act straight before it’s too late to save this beautiful planet of ours!

For karma is already in play and we shall reap what we have sown,
This is only the beginning, for our acts have raised the little child from hell “El Niño”!

Published by theescapeartist

I live to witness stories. But I also live to tell them to you!

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