A dance to infinity


05-01-2018……… A day that marked the union of two souls that laid their gaze over each other for the first time 5 years ago at the Divine Retreat Center in  Kerala absolutely unaware of the roller coaster ride they were going to embark upon……… A day when they graduated from lovers at first sight to lovers for life…….A day when Life bore witness to the mysterious and magnificent play of Cupids in getting the two love birds together……& A day when they had their first dance together.

Anyone who knew the couple closely knew one thing for sure that they were poles opposite. If he had the right mix of arrogance and humility, she overflowed with kindness and warmth. If he had chaos written all over him, she liked to live by an order. He was the yin to her yang and vice versa and so they completed each other. They had a very few things in common and yet they adored each other as God and Goddess. Together they were a burning flame rekindling the love that this world barely gets to witness.

The couple had their origins from two different states; the groom hailed from Karnataka while the bride hailed from Kerala. Both these places are popularly known for its diverse culture and traditions, among many other things. And when both these places converge, they erupt into a smorgasbord of intriguing and never ending events, both states only trying to outdo each other. However, there were some events that bore the same foundation. One of the few things that’s available in plenty in the two states is Coconuts. While the bride had a tradition wherein the couple had to drink from the same coconut through two different straws;


The groom had a tradition known as ‘Roce’ wherein blessing were to be bestowed on the groom by pouring a handful of coconut milk upon the grooms head; the mother leading the rest


No, the groom wasn’t being tortured. The coconut milk was rather too cold, giving him the chills and the rest, thrills.

Then we have the infamous Mangalorean Christian Wedding ritual also known as the ‘Saddo’, wherein the bride gets to change in a red saari (also known as ‘Saddo’) while her hair is beautifully decked with flowers only accentuating her already ethereal looks. She personified an eternal living flame that shone bright enough to ward off every evil that dared cometh near to her near and dear ones.


These were a few highlights on the bespoke traditions in a Christian Wedding in India. Now moving on to the moment where you avid readers were busy trying to figure out if the title to this article had any relevance to whatever i have been narrating for the past few minutes. Patience my friend, the moment of truth has arrived. I tend to reserve the best for the last. The pictures you are about to witness are devoid of any kind of filter.

The couple had exchanged rings with one another, taken their vows and were pronounced as husband and wife. It was now time to celebrate their union with a reception. The couple entered with their entourage elevating the energy levels of every soul in the wedding hall. The cake was cut, the champagne was popped and it was finally time for the couple to live the moment they had been rehearsing a million times either while day dreaming or in their sleep. Stepping down of the stage together, their bodies already subconsciously matching each others step, they had taken positions; the groom in his shining blue coat and the bride in her ever pure and crystal like gown. The lights had been turned off and a spot light was turned on the couple.


They began to serenade to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. A fog and smoke like appearance had began to be encapsulate them from all corners creating a perfect illusion that they were dancing on clouds. Their gaze were completely transfixed over each other. It seemed like they were teleport-ed to a different paradigm, away from a million eyes looking over them in awe and splendor; some reliving their first dance while some envisioning theirs. Along with them, were different hues of light dancing along, creating many picturesque moments. The photographers tried their level best to capture every moment of this unreal event unfolding before them.


And then finally came the confectioneries exploding from corners, awakening the couple to reality and the audience from their stupor. That too was great click to capture.


All of this ended with the groom singing along the final lines of the song, ” I dont deserve this, You look perfect……Tonight!!


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