A year has passed now, ever since they recited the creed of vengeance. Millions of women erupted and continue to, sharing their dark ordeals. Fake demigods disguised as barons of industries have all been unmasked. Even the most respected in town had skeletons hidden in their closet. The world now saw that the very foundation of the patriarchal society was as weak as a deck of cards. Slowly though, there was an emergence of a new world order.

And while the embers from the last crusade had barely doused, another wildfire had just begun to ignite.

The warriors I pay tribute to today are demigoddesses. They do a phenomenal job disguising as humans. Humans born with a fate so sickening and gut-wrenching. A fate smeared with hate, disapproving gazes, rejections, and failures. A fate filled with so many thorns that even the air around it would bleed. And yet these goddesses bloom like lotuses in muddy water, without a smudge of dirt around it. The world calls them SINGLE MOTHERS!

It was 2 in the night. Emily was lying awake in her bed. She had just delivered a baby girl. She stared at her creation that was on her lap, asleep. Though she didn’t stare with wonder but with horror. A horror she’d been dreading for quite some time. A horror that eclipsed all her future plans for good. Her room was awfully quiet, the only sound being that of the clock ticking. “How am I going to deal with this alone? How will I pursue my passion now? Why did he do this to me? Why did I trust him so much? How can I be so stupid? What will my family think of me now? Will they even accept me with this child? My dad has a heart problem. How will he react to this? I have put my family to shame. Why is this happening to me? How will I take care of her? What future can I possibly give her? Why does she have to bear the brunt for this? She deserves a better mother. Not me!!”

Unable to bear the weight of this mountain of questions, she finally broke into tears. And then something miraculous happened………

The baby had curled all of her fingers around Emily’s thumb. A firm grip it was. Emily stopped sobbing. It was as if the small creature had chosen Emily and surrendered her fate to her. That small action led to series of emotional alchemy within Emily. She couldn’t describe what it was. But she sure as hell wasn’t feeling weak anymore. There was a sudden surge in her energies. The touch of her baby was the key that unlocked the gates to the chambers built in the rarest of beings. She had forgotten who she was! A Woman! The most supreme of mortals to walk this earth. Mortals who have been tricked into believing that they are the most inferior lot and are born to be subjugated. But in the end, every trickery has a short life span. And Emily was not just a Woman. She had now evolved into a mortal whose powers trespassed into the paradigm of the divine. She was now a MOTHER!

A slight grin now slowly outgrew on her face. Eyes that had turned swollen and dried the well of tears now were shut. The usual silence in the room slowly gave way to a trickle of laughter that eventually snowballed into a demented roar. Emily finally realized the unjust play orchestrated by the patriarchal society. More importantly, who she really was and what she had to do next. Opening her eyes that seemed bloodshot with rage, she proclaimed, “You FOOLS! What have you done! You cold-hearted, blinded sack of bones, you really thought you could rule the likes of me. Got to give it to this world that you have constructed to operate as per your whims. This world that punishes the women worse even if it’s because of the misdeeds of a man. You demons are unworthy of being trusted. YOUR TIMES UP!!” The clock in the room had stopped at 3 am….

And so goes the story of more than a million of these single mothers that are out there now, who prefer raising their kids without the stench of a man; while there are some who still do want to take a chance again to find someone worthy, but this very society has stigmatized that very thought. But despite the deluge of obstacles, they have managed to still outshine. You will find them in every field. They are there standing tall commanding their share of respect, recreating a new world and ensuring that their creations are even better versions of themselves.

All you creators of this divine ovarian warriors, what kind of world have you created around them….the kind that is ridden with fear or the kind that manifests their true potential?

Published by theescapeartist

I live to witness stories. But I also live to tell them to you!

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