How many of you have given up on your dream of seeing a visa stamped on your passport, or never even considered owning one only because it involves a lot of investment? What if I told you that this dream wont really cost you that much? To add further, this place is no less thanContinue reading “AN INTERNATIONAL TRIP FOR LESS THAN 33k INDIAN RUPEES?”


A year has passed now, ever since they recited the creed of vengeance. Millions of women erupted and continue to, sharing their dark ordeals. Fake demigods disguised as barons of industries have all been unmasked. Even the most respected in town had skeletons hidden in their closet. The world now saw that the very foundationContinue reading “CREED OF VENGEANCE – II”

A bank that doesn’t lend the rich and is PRO -Women!!

Poverty is a growing menace that didnt seem to have a solution until someone while trying to help their fellow people live a respectable life invented a panacea to fight it!! Read on to know about the events that lead to a knockout of Poverty!!

A dance to infinity

05-01-2018……… A day that marked the union of two souls that laid their gaze over each other for the first time 5 years ago at the Divine Retreat Center in  Kerala absolutely unaware of the roller coaster ride they were going to embark upon……… A day when they graduated from lovers at first sight toContinue reading “A dance to infinity”