A dance to infinity

05-01-2018……… A day that marked the union of two souls that laid their gaze over each other for the first time 5 years ago at the Divine Retreat Center in  Kerala absolutely unaware of the roller coaster ride they were going to embark upon……… A day when they graduated from lovers at first sight toContinue reading “A dance to infinity”

A mother helps India Win over China!!

Mothers have always and will always play a pivotal role in our lives. And behind every woman’s(including man) success, is a woman and most often than not, its a mother. Moreover, she can also be your trump card if you want to succeed at anything even if that includes getting a leave at work due to a reason that involves your mother or even better, winning a Miss World…..

A Tryst with the runner in me!!

I took a look at the time. It showed 17’25”. I was on my last lap towards completing my targeted 3K run. The sun showed no mercy in proving to be my greatest nemesis. My legs were screaming in agonizing pain. The heart pounded loud enough to mute the surrounding cacophony. While every part of me startedContinue reading “A Tryst with the runner in me!!”